About Us

3difi is an offering from SvaYantra Technologies Private Limited which is based out of Bengaluru.

SvaYantra was started out with a Vision to address customers need to understand, integrate and work in Industry 4.0 ecosystem

Our primary focus is to enable customers to embrace Industry 4.0 through Manufacturing on Demand (Additive manufacturing and 3D printing) and Advanced Robotics.

To enable this, we have a 3-step vision.

Our Vision

3difi Projects

Produce products and solutions with Additive manufacturing technologies. Our 3difi range of 3D Printers will provide our customers with an opportunity to access high quality but affordable 3D Printers.

3difi Storz

Create an ecosystem where customers can source and buy 3D Printing and Robotics components locally. Our 3difi.com portal is aimed at this.

3difi Spaces

Create a physical and virtual ecospace for our customer to try newer technologies and exchange mutually beneficial ideas. We are planning to come up with a 3Difi Spaces based on Makerspace concept for our customers to learn and try some advanced tools before buying them.